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Personal project // Side hustle

Reclaim Your Time

Reclaim Your Time Supporting material_co
Fossil is a champion of time. Helping people measure it, organise it and get the most of it since 1984. But what happens when our time is literally being ripped away from us?

Latest research discovered that climate change extremes reduce life expectancy at birth by 0.24 years. That’s 87 days, 14 minutes and 24 seconds. Using personalised creative campaign, data and unusual product launch Fossil wanted to remind people the value of time. That’s why they released newest Fossil gen 5 smart watch with 24% of the screen not working, collected all of customer complains and published them for people to see. By showing people how upset they were about loosing fictional time we forced them to reflect on how invaluable our real time actually is.

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Our initial campaign featured examples of what you could do in the stolen time. We brought them to life with playful illustrations.
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