Flwow! Period Education
Shortlisted 2019

CLIENT: University project

Gender-neutral menstrual education. Honest, informative and inclusive. Because periods are a natural body function and should be free of taboos, superstitions and genderism.

There are 800 million people menstruating on any given day. Periods are a natural body function yet over centuries they became surrounded with taboos, stigmas and shame - most of them arise from lack of knowledge. 26% of people in UK didn’t know what to do when they got their first period! At the moment menstruation is branded as feminine hygiene and is almost a 100% gendered market excluding transgender and nonbinary community. Flwow! Wants to change that with proper, honest and inclusive education. Offering 3 unique gender-neutral guides, an online platform and organised lectures to teach young menstruators, their friends and parents about periods so they know how to properly care for their body or provide support to their menstruating friend or child.


Flwow! Main purpose is to provide honest inclusive period education. It aims to empower young menstruators to know and care about their bodies properly. It is a first 100% gender-neutral, non-branded menstrual education service. Flwow! Tackles shame, genderism and profit-led industry with knowledge and inclusivity. It puts people in the very centre of it’s soul.