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University project

Circle Society

Shortlisted 2019
circle society
Circle society is a platform for political engagement with customised desktop and filters that make the platform accessible for people with different disabilities

Despite the increased role of digital politics, we are experiencing constant decline in electoral turnout.

Furthermore, most of the platforms are not accessible to disabled people contributing to social exclusion in democratic engagement. 1 in 5 citizens has a disability and many struggle to visit their local government websites


To answer the problem of crowded, hard to navigate council sites ‘circle society’ focuses on clear UX design, simpler language and incorporated AI. The platform has filters that adjust the design to fit people with different disabilities (adjustable text size, video captions). Since this problem appears on all levels of social engagement the platform is designed to be easily translated to both smaller and bigger usage (schools, societies, towns, cities).

Platform for political engagement accessible for people with different disabilities. Introduced by council it could engage all residents and give them opportunity to have a real input into matters they care about (and have direct impact on them). Filters can adjust the content depending on your residential status and push forward subjects that directly affect you.

One of the major flaws of democracy is hardship in controlling elected representatives. Once we elect a person based on their expertise and competence we have limited resources to make sure they fulfil their promises.

Circle society enables to conduct short surveys and on spot voting to gain insight into actual public opinion on precise matters.

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