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55 Bishopsgate

55 Bishopsgate website
A high-quality building for the City, where a sustainable and innovative design takes inspiration from nature.
Bringing community in from day one

We have worked with Stanhope on a consultation website introducing new building being planned in The City. Our main goal was to reach the local community and encourage them to take part in shaping this new feature of our city. Working with architects and developers we prepared the roadmap to introduce the vision and opportunity of 55 Bishopsgate to the public. 


Done at

NU LOGO_2020_v1_White.png
55 bishopsgate

The proposals prioritise sustainability, providing healthy workspace and public amenity, and applying smart data analytics to optimise environmental performance in design and operation. The building starts and ends with generous amounts of flexible amenity spaces, creating the opportunity for a wide range of uses and activation.

building plan

The design takes inspiration from nature, drawing on the ‘Fibonacci sequence’ - a numerical pattern found in the structures of natural organisms in many forms and at all manner of scales, ranging from shells, ferns, pinecones, tree branches and the arrangement of leaves on a stem.  

Visual style inspired by Fibonacci sequence

We have created a number of bespoke infographics that explain the sustainable capabilities of the building.

It was important to showcase all of the research and development teams of architects and developers have done in a clear and engaging way. 

55 bishopsgate

We designed a custom set of icons to help organise and showcase different features of the building

Public consultations

55 Bishopsgate public consultation
55 Bishopsgate boards
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