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D&AD New Blood entry 

The Ribbon Award


The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. They contend with one another over the quality of their food (Michelin Star guide), the hygiene of their restaurant (Food Standards Agency), but why not about their environmental sustainability?

Restaurants in UK produce 0.9 Megatonne of food waste annually. As much as 0.7 Megatonne is avoidable.


The programme will engage restaurants in a sustainable food waste reduction. 

It will raise awareness about the growing problem and force government to introduce more incentives for donating surplus food.

The aim is to put Hellmann’s brand at the forefront of the food waste fighting movement as well as strengthen its position as champion of the goodness of food.



Channel the competitiveness of restaurants into an incentive for the environment through an award system, brought to you by Hellmann’s, that recognises sustainable restaurants that go above and beyond to reduce their food waste. The programme provides logistic support in reducing, recycling and re-purposing the food waste from restaurants. Introducing The Ribbon Award! 

It also acts as a rating system for customers that value our planet and want to choose to eat in restaurants that reflect their ideals.

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