R/GA Pixel

We were asked by R/GA to create something for their London office that would make the space more life and answer one or alll of the problems they presented to us:

01/ There is a lack of emotion and a need for more of a connection to the dynamic and changing nature of the people that use the space.

02/ The connected space lacks an OS and feedback mechanism relating to more dynamic user inputs and actions.

03/ The data collected from the space is not being used to its full potential.

Our group design an interactive wall panel to be placed in front of the lifts. 

R/GA Pixel has two modes: active and passive.

When no one is interacting with it R/GA Pixel displays information such as: time, date, weather conditions, news.

When someone walks by the panel it shows the person shadow as it moves.

The panel is based on a grid 64x36 pixels (each 2 inches high/long). Mobile tiles are made of grey graphite (although any material from wood, plastic to stone can be used). Behind the panel there is a LED light installed so that when the tiles flip they reveal the light behind it.

For the final presentation our group prepared a prototype to show how R/GA could look like.

CLIENT: Workshop project

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Dominika Gemra



My name is Dominika, I am a recent Graphic and Media Design graduate at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

I am passionate about sustainable, human-centred, problem-solving Design for Change. Always love to meet new interesting and passionate people.